Aarhus is a vibrant city by the sea waiting to embrace you with a unique blend of culture, history and modern architecture. The city's food scene is characterized by diversity and quality. From cozy riverside cafés to gourmet restaurants.

Aarhus is known for its sustainable approach to urban development and has received international recognition for its green initiatives. Aarhus Ø, a new urban development area, illustrates the city's commitment to sustainability and modern architecture.

Aarhus is not just a city. It is an experience of past, present and future.

Experiences in Aarhus

The Old Town

Time travel through Denmark's history in The Old Town, a living museum that gives you a glimpse into life in the past with authentic buildings and atmospheric streets.

Mountain biking

For those who love speed and nature, there are few parks where you can go mountain biking. There are parks for families and a few trails for more experienced riders to learn tricks or longer trails.


Moesgaard Museum

For the adventurous souls, Moesgaard Museum is a hotbed of archaeological treasures and fascinating exhibitions that tell the story of human evolution.

Denmark's largest trampoline

Trampoline activities are for both children and adults who want to jump and play. There are various events at Rush for both children and adults.


ARoS Aarhus Art Museum

Step into a world of color and creativity at ARoS, where spectacular exhibitions and interactive artworks are waiting to awaken your senses.


There are over 30.000 university students

In Djursland there are around 600 flowers and 60 precent of Denmarks insects

Aarhus is not just a city; it is also known as the capital of cycling


Aarhus is the capital of Jutland

300.000 inhabitants

Aarhus was founded in the 8th century

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