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Find your trip to Innaarsuit

About Innaarsuit

Innaarsuit lies on Greenland's west coast approximately 55 kilometres north of the nearest town, Upernavik. In Innaarsuit there's a Pilersuisoq grocery store, a service building and a service centre. The majority of the settlement's adult population are occupied as hunters and fishermen, and it's no coincidence that the reception site for Greenland halibut is regarded as the centre of the town's business community, due to the fact that halibut is a popular food both locally and as export.

Innarsuit does not have a traditional church. Instead the school building is used. This was extended and renovated in 1992, also as a church. Innarsuit has experienced relatively large growth in recent decades: there were 111 inhabitants in 1991, a figure which had risen to 161 in 2010.

Experiences in Innaarsuit


  • The school is also used as a church
  • Located within Upernavik Archipelago
  • Innarsuit means 'the steep slopes'


  • Fly from Kangerlussuaq to Ilulissat and then go on to Upernavik by plane. From Upernavik there is helicopter connection to Innaarsuit.
  • By foot or by sea with locals.
    Dogsleds are a frequent means of transportation during winter and spring