Alaska's largest city and gateway to wild beauty, Anchorage offers adventure from the moment you arrive. Discover the abundant wildlife, including bears, eagles and whales that live side by side with the city's vibrancy and culture.

Rooted in the heritage of the original native community and proud to be home to seven different cultures, Anchorage offers an exciting cultural life. Museums, art galleries and festivals offer a glimpse into Alaska's fascinating past and present.

Experiences in Anchorage

Chugach State Park

Go hiking or biking in Chugach State Park, a nature lover's paradise. The snow-capped mountain peaks, wild flowing rivers and colorful flora create a spectacular backdrop for outdoor adventure.


Tony Knowles Coastal Trail

Bike or walk the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail, which stretches along the coast and offers breathtaking views of Cook Inlet and the Chugach Mountains. Keep an eye out for local wildlife, including moose and eagles.


Alaska Native Heritage Center

Understand Alaska's cultural riches at the Alaska Native Heritage Center, where native communities present their traditions, dances and crafts. It's an enriching experience of authentic culture.

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Anchorage Museum

Delve into Alaskan history and art at the Anchorage Museum, which exhibits everything from native artifacts to modern art. A fascinating insight into the region's complex and diverse past and present.


Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

Discover Alaska's wildlife at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, which works to save and rehabilitate endangered species such as bears, moose and bison. A unique chance to get up close to Alaska's impressive animals.


Anchorage experiences midnight sun in the summer months

Anchorage International Airport is known as the world's largest airplane parking lot

Anchorage kan se det højeste bjerg i Nordamerika, Denali

Every year, salmon migrate from the Pacific Ocean to the city center through Ship Creek


Anchorage has around 300,000 residents

Anchorage experiences extreme light conditions with midnight sun in summer and polar nights in winter

Under Anden Verdenskrig spillede Anchorage en nøglerolle som forsyningshub for militæret og som stoppested for fly på vej til fronten, hvilket markerede byens betydning i luftfartshistorien

Moose and bears are not uncommon sights in the Anchorage area

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